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8 responses

11 07 2014
Immaculate Highland

I was born and raised in masese jinja uganda. So sad. But I can relate in so many ways. I pray for things to change in masese. But I doubt it. Thanks for sharing. I now live in u.s Maryland .


8 08 2012
Bernie Gilmore

Wow – great photos and your description of the ground breaking was really good – makes one want to be there for sure…Keep up he great reports.



5 08 2012
Bernie Gilmore

Hi again:
Your stories are great. Thanks for blogging so many of them. I know that after the long days you are putting in and sometimes the lack of internet connection it is tough to do. We really appreciate all your efforts. The pictures of the St. Kizito Church foundation are really good. Looks like they are moving ahead pretty quickly. Did the parishioners get the banner? Any pictures? Any video of the traditional guitar and dancing?

Keep up the wonderful work.

warm regards.



29 07 2012
Bernie Gilmore

Hi Michelle and Sarah:

I am enjoying your stories which are so much like the work I know when I was in Ethiopia. Keep up the great work and sending blogs for us to read.


25 07 2012
Cathy Feldmann

Wow!!! I am so impressed and proud of you. Keep up the good work and be careful!


24 07 2012

It’s amazing what you are doing. Sometimes it really is about changing things one child at a time. My prayers are with you.


21 07 2012
Elizabeth & Sandy

We are praying for Sande’s recovery. You both are doing admirable work with the children.

God bless!

Mum and Dad


17 07 2012
Elizabeth & Sandy

A good days work from two Canadian girls. So you are going to teach them some North American football are you, that will be interesting! Looking forward for your pictures.



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