Return to the tried & blue!

25 07 2019

We have been reviewing the proposal for the teacher housing at Nanso Primary from the engineer and have made some revisions. So far it looks really promising and we had the opportunity to check in with the Headmaster and his staff at Nanso for their input as well. They are most pleased that the plans include a window for each room that faces the lake, both for the breeze and for the view. We also increased the size of the rooms from the current housing they’re renting and included a much better location up on higher ground with a solid sufficiently elevated foundation to accommodate the rainy season.We are working on raising the final $1000 of this $2600 project and will be breakinh ground in the next week!

The last item of note this week at Nanao is that the Headmaster has changed and uodated the student uniform style. Blue dresses for the girls with white trim & collars and khaki brown shorts for the boys with blue short sleeved white collared shirts. The school emblem badges we had designed with the school years ago remained the same. They also changed the colour back to, well closer to the original teal blue colour that we selected for the school paint based on the original uniforms. For some reason the former Headmaster, Joffery, changed the colours to a dark purple-blue and yellow combo a few years ago (We weren’t fans), but now they are back to as close to the original “Nanso Blue” as Headmaster John could find. It’s really a very insignificant and inconsequential detail to want the colour of the school uniforms and the school facility to match, but we are really happy to see this change nonetheless!




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