Vision & a vision

27 06 2018

We took teacher John from Nanso Primary to Jinja town to have a proper eye exam. The results were some significant astigmatism in one of his eyes and nearsightedness in both eyes. He really needed eyeglasses and we were happy to help him.

It’s hard to imagine that he has gone for 38 years without seeing an actual eye doctor and tried to find his own glasses which were reading glasses to fix his vision. This was obviously not sufficient so we ordered him the perscription and he happily selected some frames. He was very emotional as he looked at the chart on the wall through the testing machine and again as we left after we placing the order for the glasses. He was clearly very grateful, which wasn’t the point – we can’t picture trying to do our job as teachers without being able to see – that’s just not okay! Alex is going to bring them to Nanso by boat himself on Tuesday next week when they’re ready. The whole part and parcel was about $100 Canadian dollars (exam, perscription lenses & frames) which is way out of reach for the majority of people who need vision correction in Uganda; a sad reality. We are happy we could help and look forward to his big moment next week when he can finally see clearly and look forward to his continued service as a teacher at our school in Nanso. Anyone with eye problems can relate to how big of a deal this day will surely be and what it’s like to get your first glasses! 👓😎

We then headed over to check in with the kids at Hackerspace and found Picavet and Adelaide absorbed in the drone, Shadrach, Hillarious (yup.) and Lawrence revising their robot design and Baker, Ronnie and Pius working away on their current mobile app project. In terms of the app, we knew they had one ready with almost 2 years of ongoing effort, and that they had been working hard to have it ready before we left in the hopes of us getting it up on Google Play for them. So, thanks to a donation specifically earmarked for the J-Robotics students, we were able to make this happen.

You can’t sign up without a credit card so in addition to the financial setback had they been able to somehow come up with the money, they wouldn’t have been able to follow through as credit cards aren’t really an option in Uganda for most. The programming students were pumped to be an official startup biz & offical app developers at last when we hit ‘submit’ on their Google Play Developer account! They will have 2 completed apps posted (both security related – one for shared phones and one for personal phyaical safety) in the next 10 days. We’re proud of them for this initiative and the hard work it took to get to this level. It’s great to help them take this step towards achieving one of their big goals! We’ll share more on their apps as soon as they’re live – they really are quite interesting! In short, both of these apps address concerns relevant to Ugandans and provide solutions to real problems… Created by Ugandan youth. We love this!





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