Getting Plastered

17 07 2016

We were told that the work at Nanso was progressing faster than anticipated so we decided it was best to make an impromptu visit to see the work ourselves. As we rounded the bend on Lake Victoria we were pleasantly surprised to see that nearly the entire the back of the school was plastered and they were working on the end of the school facing the water, as well as the front of the school that faces the courtyard. We were able to greet the crew, several who are familiar faces from previous years and we had a bit of a construction-site reunion. About two-thirds of the ceiling inside the verandah has been completed.


The ceiling support in the verandah


Side of School, Facing Lake Victoria


Denis in his gum boots on some usual Ugandan eucalyptus scaffolding








It is well constructed and will improve the structural integrity of the building. The school looks awesome! It is really exciting to see it coming together in the final stages. There has been concern over the past few years that the buildings would begin to deteriorate before we were able to plaster them so this gives us peace of mind to know that the school will now be standing for a very long time!

We met briefly with Joffrey so that we could finish balancing our accounts that we have been working on for days. We had a few questions to clear up about school fees collected and when teacher’s salaries were paid but were very happy when our questions were answered and everything worked out!


Alex imparting the wisdom of cobweb removal to Joffery.

The cobwebs that have been accumulating over the roof hadn’t been cleaned yet so Alex was able to take Joffrey around and show him how this should be done. We suggested that it might be a good punishment for a misbehaving student (rather than the usual switch) which he seemed to really like and informed us that this was a “great idea!” We will be back at the end of the week and the work will be close to finished by then.








One response

26 07 2016

Great work JUST CAUSE!!! Congratulations on your Nanso School projects
I am so happy to see the school and the kids ,
Shine on , Tree



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